The George Loomis House

This chart is drawn from the abstract of the property, and indicates all of the owners, the date they purchased the property, and any significant events that occurred during their occupancy. The house was an apartment building from the 60's-80's, so the owners during that time probably did not live on site.

As I get the material organized, some of these folks may get their own page.


George Loomis and Kate A. Loomis

     Land purchased from John North
     House construction completed September 1856

April 1856

Charles M. Goodsell and Elizabeth Goodsell

     Charles Goodsell died 1869

March 1860

Abram O. Whipple and Mary J. Whipple

April 1881

John C. Nutting and Calista M. Nutting

August 1886

John Mounsey Thompson and Agnes Annie Thompson

September 1888

H.O. Dilley

May 1900

Charles Hale and Addie Hale

April 1903

Emma M. French and Charles A. French

     Lot 6 sold to Olive Buskirk

February 1906

Daniel Hagen

     died April 1915

February 1907

Arthur W. Bierman and Bessie E. Bierman

May 1915

Albert Colby and Charlotte E. Colby

October 1919

Adolph Nelson

September 1944

Marie C. Nystuen and Elizabeth M. Johnson

March 1947

Arthur C. Engen and Nora Engen

     Arthur Engen died November 16, 1974

May 1963

J. Richard Peterson and Patricia G. Peterson

August 1977

Thomas A. Langfeldt and Sherri M. Langfeldt

October 1991

Mark F. Heiman and Laura S. Heiman

September 1995

If you are related to any of these people, or have any information about their time in Northfield, photos of this house, or any other historical material, I'd love to hear from you; please contact Mark F. Heiman (mheiman [at] loomishouse [dot] net)

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