George Loomis and Kate A. Loomis

April 1856–March 1860



On the morning of the 4th inst., by the Rev. Wm. Bliss Ashley, Mr. GEORGE LOOMIS, of Northfield, Minnesota, to Miss KATE ASHLEY, of this city.

Syracuse Daily Standard, September 6, 1856


—News was received here last Thursday or the death of Geo. Loomis, at Menlo Park, California, on the 8th inst. In 1855, Mr. Loomis came to Northfield and purchased a one-half interest in the town site which had just been platted by J. W. North. He was closely connected with the early history of Northfield and was one of the three men who demolished the outfit of the first bar opened in the town. He built the house at the corner of Fifth and Washington streets now owned by J. M. Thompson.

Northfield News, April 28, 1894



Mrs. Kate Ashley Loomis Died Recently in California

   The San Francisco Chronicle of last Tuesday says: "Mrs. Kate Ashley Loomis, widow of George Loomis, who was one of San Francisco's best known merchants and capitalists, died at the Palace hotel yesterday after a brief illness. She came up from her country home in Menlo Park a month ago and engaged apartments at the hotel. Shortly thereafter she was taken ill and she called in the services of Dr. Beverly MacMonagle, who remained in attendance up to the time of her death. Mrs. Loomis, who was born in Syracuse, N. Y.,was a close relative of ex-Senator Charles N. Felton. For many years she occupied a prominent position in San Francisco and Menlo society and was identified with many charities.
   Mrs. Loomis was the third and youngest daughter of Theodore Ashley, a pioneer citizen and for many years a furniture dealer here. She was the sister of Mrs. Charlotte Ashley, the wife of former United States Senator Charles N. Felton. George Loomis, the husband of the woman who has just died, was the son of Doctor Loomis, one of the earliest physicians of Dewitt.
   Kate Ashley was born in the old Williston house, on the north side of West Fayette street, which still stands as one of the landmarks of the town. Her sister, Charlotte Ashley, was married to Senator Felton in the Williston house and the event was one of the social affairs of the time.

Syracuse paper, date not given.


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