H.O. Dilley

May 1900–April 1903



Cashier of the First National Bank.

When and where were you born?
   January 27, 1865, near Farmington, Minnesota.

When did you come to Northfield?
   In 1869.

What was the earliest event of your life you recall?
   Cutting my finger while trying to turn a grindstone.

What was your boyhood ambition?
   To be a merchant.

What is your favorite sport?

If you were counselling a young man about to start out a life for himself what would be your advice?
   Select a congenial occupation, if possible; give it his best thought and effort, with the intention of carrying it through to success.

What aided you most in attaining success?
   Any success attained may be credited to helpful friends, and a desire and effort that anything undertaken should be done as well as possible.

What one thing does Northfield need most?
   More paving, which, however, is not likely to be realized until the law is changed placing the cost of paving street intersections on property benefitted.

Northfield News, May 2, 1924


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