Francis WymantAge: 6415941658

Francis Wymant
Birth 1594 29
Christening of a brotherEdward Wymant
July 15, 1600 (Age 6)
Christening of a sisterElizabeth Wymant
September 24, 1602 (Age 8)

Christening of a sisterSusan Wymant
February 8, 1606 (Age 12)
MarriageElizabeth RichardsonView this family
May 1, 1617 (Age 23)
Birth of a son
Francis Wyman
May 2, 1617 (Age 23)
Baptism of a sonThomas Wyman
April 5, 1618 (Age 24)
Baptism of a sonFrancis Wyman
February 24, 1619 (Age 25)
Baptism of a sonJohn Wyman
February 3, 1621 (Age 27)
Christening of a sonRichard Wyman
March 14, 1623 (Age 29)
Baptism of a daughterElizabeth Wyman
May 26, 1626 (Age 32)
Christening of a sonWilliam Wyman
August 31, 1628 (Age 34)
Death of a wifeElizabeth Richardson
before June 22, 1630 (Age 36)
Burial of a wifeElizabeth Richardson
June 22, 1630 (Age 36)
Death of a sonWilliam Wyman
July 1630 (Age 36)
Burial of a sonWilliam Wyman
July 18, 1630 (Age 36)
Marriage of a parentThomas WymantJane ThortonView this family
March 13, 1632 (Age 38)

MarriageElizabeth GableView this family
June 29, 1641 (Age 47)
Marriage of a childFrancis WymanJudith PierceView this family
January 30, 1644 (Age 50)
Marriage of a childJohn WymanView this family
November 5, 1644 (Age 50)
Marriage of a childRichard WymanView this family
about 1645 (Age 51)
Burial of a sonRichard Wyman
March 27, 1645 (Age 51)
Marriage of a childFrancis WymanAbigail ReedView this family
October 2, 1650 (Age 56)
Marriage of a childThomas WymanView this family
March 6, 1653 (Age 59)
Death of a wifeElizabeth Gable
July 10, 1656 (Age 62)
Burial of a wifeElizabeth Gable
July 12, 1656 (Age 62)
MarriageJane View this family
after 1656 (Age 62)

Will September 15, 1658 (on the date of death)
Death about September 15, 1658 (Age 64)
Burial September 19, 1658 (4 days after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: November 8, 1593Barkway, Hertfordshire, England
14 months
7 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
Father’s family with Jane Thorton - View this family
Marriage: March 13, 1632
Family with Elizabeth Richardson - View this family
Marriage: May 1, 1617Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
11 months
Thomas Wyman
Baptism: April 5, 1618Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
Death: before March 31, 1677Braughing, Hertfordshire, England
3 years
John Wyman
Baptism: February 3, 1621Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
Death: May 9, 1684Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
2 years
Richard Wyman
Christening: March 14, 1623St. Mary's Church, Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
Burial: March 27, 1645Braughing, Hertfordshire, England
3 years
2 years
William Wyman
Christening: August 31, 1628Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
Death: July 1630Westmill, Hertfordshire, England
Family with Elizabeth Gable - View this family
Marriage: June 29, 1641Welwyn, Hertfordshire, England
Family with Jane - View this family
Marriage: after 1656


Spelling in Church register is Wimant, Wymant, Weinant of Westmill Snow-Estes Ancestry;I have copy of the will;marriage listed as Wimant, baptisms listed as Wymant see tithe book references cf. Fifty Great Migration Colonists & Their Origins, J.B.Threlfall, 1990

'I Francis Wyman of the Parish of Westmill in the county of Hertford, husbandman, 15 September 1658. I do give and bequeath unto Jane my wife the full sum of ten shillings of lawful English money to be paid unto her by mine executor presently after my burial. Item I do give and bequeath unto my two sons Francis Wyman and John Wyman which are beyond sea ten punds apiece of lawful English money to be paid unto them by mine executor if they be in want and come over to demand the same. I do give and bequeath unto my sister Susan Huitt widow the full sum of forty shillings of lawful English money to be likewise paid to her by mine executor within one whole year next coming after my decease. I do give and bequeath unto Thomas Wyman my son all that my messuage of tenement wherein I now dwell with all my other buildings and outhousing thereunto belonging, and all my lands, orchard, garden and yards, with all and singular their appurtenances whatsoever, to him and his heirs forever. All the rest of my goods &c. to my said son Thomas, whom I appoint executor. Pell, 116.'

Francis failed to pay his tithe for a number of years and so irritated the vicar that he lost patience with Francis and took him to court. The record appears in the tithe book: '1640 Francis Wyman payed 15 April 1640 17/5d at the Court at Hitchin for ye Calves valued at 8s ye Calfe, for eleven years last past viz for ye years 1623, 1624, 1625, 1626, 1627, 1628, 1629, 1630, 1631, 1632, 1633, the sum of 17s5d by the hand of Mr. Dawson Curate to Dr. Ward of Much Munden for which there is an Act in Court unto me Richard Taylor parson of Westmill which Calves were fallen in St. Croft.